Classroom Activities

Activity Guides

Get expert tips to promote mental wellness and developmental skills through some of the most common classroom activities.  Each guide walks you through an activity and provides tips for using that activity to encourage mental health, communication, sensory exploration, and fine motor skills.

Classroom activity guide for boosting mental wellness and development - arts and crafts

Classroom activity guide for boosting mental wellness and development - playing with play dough

Classroom activity guide for boosting mental wellness and development - homemade ice cream

Classroom activity guide for boosting mental wellness and development - making sun catchers

Worksheets & Materials

Download ready to go worksheets, flash cards, and classroom activities for your students to use to practice developmental skills and promote mental wellness.

daily mental health check in for students

Daily Check In Sheet

Checking in daily with students can give you insight into how they're feeling, helping you track trends, attune more appropriately, and follow up with students who need it. This sheet gives you an easy way to do that. Print and hand out to your class at the beginning of the day. This could also be paired with a daily journal or writing activity. 


printable flash cards featuring coping strategies to regulate big emotions

Regulation Cards

Students who are dysregulated often have a hard time remembering strategies to help bring back calm. These cards can be used as a visual reminder of strategies that they can use to regulate their bodies and minds. Print and cut out into individual cards. Review strategies when students are calm so that they can more easily recall them when they need to. This would also be a great addition to a sensory basket or calm down corner.


Social emotional learning discussion prompts to print and cut for classroom use

SEL Discussion Prompts

Infusing social-emotional learning into every day classroom activities is a great way to target learning in a fun, natural way. These discussion prompts can be used in place of board game cards, attached to jenga blocks, put on the back of chairs for musical chairs, as writing prompts, etc. Please note that not all prompts will be appropriate for all students. Please choose the prompts that are best for your class.


handwriting checklist for students to self monitor handwriting skills

Handwriting Self Monitoring Checklist

Improve student handwriting by empowering them to self monitor key elements of their writing. This checklist can be printed and placed on a students desk to help them learn to monitor their own handwriting. Consider laminating the checklist for multiple use.


square breathing visual aid poster to hang in classroom to support emotion regulation and coping skills

Square Breathing Visual

Square breathing, also called box breathing, is a proven way to regulate the nervous system and bring calm to the body. To practice square breathing, breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5, breathe out for 5 seconds, and then hold for 5 again and repeat. This poster can be printed and hung in the classroom as a visual reminder of how to complete this exercise.


printable mood tracking sheets for students to track mood over time

Mood Trackers

Tracking how we feel over time can help us learn more about what makes us feel certain ways, enabling us to look for triggers and solutions. Using 1 of the 3 mood trackers provided, students are able to daily track their mood to look for trends over time. 


practice sheets for tracing letters and shapes to improve handwriting

Tracing Practice Sheets

Improve dexterity and fine motor control for students with fine motor and handwriting difficulty through tracing practice. These practice sheets allow students to practice on uneven lines, shapes, and upper and lowercase letters. Additionally, a blank page of dotted lined paper can be printed for students who need that extra handwriting support.


prewriting shapes practice sheet for preschool and kindergarten or early writers

Prewriting Shapes

Before a student can accurately write letters, they have to be able to draw each of the pre-writing shapes. This handout allows students to practice these shapes by copying the model provided. Consider laminating for multiple use.


printable mazes for children to practice visual perceptual skills

Maze Activity Sheets

Mazes allow students to practice fine motor control and visual coordination skills which are needed for reading and writing. These maze activity sheets feature 10 different mazes for students to practice.